Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can a swarm have very agile goals?

The main goal, defining idea, vision (call it what you will) of a swarm can’t change easily if at all because it’s what gives the swarm its focus and strength. Switching primary goals introduces internal stress and dilutes the swarms effectiveness. It’s better to form a new swarm and use the Rule of Two Feet.

  • I am not sure that I’m sure about the Epic part of this, I have found that movements start off best when they mean something to those immediately around the person stating it and are allowed to grow naturally.

You’re right in that. The thing is, there are stages of growth in a swarm and several levels of activism withing the swarm. The initial stage of growth happens through personal relationships that are activated to make up the scaffolding or support infrastructure of the swarm. After that stage the idea must be involving and important enough to resonate with people who don’t have a close personal relationship with the founder.

  • Isn’t limiting the uses of a swarm to voluntarism rather, well, limiting? Surely swarms could be used in many other areas?

They can be and are used in many other areas but in different forms. A fan group, for example, is a type of swarm. So is a marketing campaign. The key here is that we’re looking at the type of swarm that initiates and carries through positive social change.