Swarm 2.0 Definition

This is a work in progress.

The Swarm 2.0 swarm purpose is to create, update and distribute materials devoted to education in swarm concepts as defined in ‘Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual For Changing the World’. These materials include but are not limited to ebooks, tutorials and cheatsheets, games and visual novels and websites for hosting all of these.

As a swarm we follow these values:

  • We have only one purpose as defined above. That purpose and our values are not negotiable.
  • We are inclusive. The only requirement for belonging to our swarm is a willingness to work on our purpose.
  • We use the three Swarmers rule and the Two Feet rule. Any three swarm members may initiate an activity and expect the support of the swarm. Any member who disagrees with the purpose, values or activities can use their two feet and find (or start) an organization that has purpose, values and activities with which they agree.
  • We are innovative. We will experiment to find the best way to carry out our purpose.
  • We are resilient. We learn from mistakes, endure setbacks and continue.


A short blog post on the current state of the swarm can be found here – https://swarmcanada.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/what-is-to-be-done-with-swarm-2-0/



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