Swarm For Change

Swarm 2.0 Heartbeat – State of the Swarm

A swarm is a collaborative and decentralized social group united by a shared and compelling idea. The strength of a swarm is the clarity of the idea.

  • Uses the Net to enable large numbers of volunteers to work on the common goal 
  • Built by a small core of people who maintain infrastructure
  • Looks like a traditional hierarchical organization from the outside (but it’s not)

The Swarm 2.0 project works to educate people about the use of swarms to achieve worthwhile social goals. We produce materials such as books, visual novels and multimedia to this end. You can find more details in Swarmsteps: The Cheatsheet for social change or watch the videos below

The Swarm 2.0 project is hosted on Github. Feel free to contribute.

The swarm concept was described by Rick Falkvinge in his book Swarmwise